Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Mostra Unusual Typeface

The Marc Simonson Studio, a digital Type foundry, has found inspiration in 70-year-old Art Deco typefaces. The resulting face “Mostra” is a beautiful homage to 1930’s hand-lettered posters and advertising.

Three sets are available offering some characters with different variations to give your designs just the right look. The character sets are included with each weight. Five weights range from Light to Bold to, as they say, “ridiculously Black”. Mostra features a full character set including the oe ligature (as is required for words like the French “oeuf”). Caps only; kerning tables for display setting.

The entire face in all weights is available for viewing in a unique, interactive interface on the Marc Simonson Studio web site.

Starting at $29, this typeface is worth it’s weight; bold or italic. ;-)

Via Daring Fireball.


Terri McC said...

Hi Choleena, wow, that's a purdy font. I'm glad there are finally people stepping forward to say they 'collect fonts'... beats stamps, in my mind. Perhaps last year's movie Helvetica helped! Great blog...looks like yer havin' funnnn...

peter said...

Hi Choleena,
Like the font. This type really was quite common on those nicely illustrated travel posters between the wars. Nice to see someone breathing new life into it. Checked out the link and found two more that would be fun to use, Kinescope and Refrigerator.