Sunday, August 02, 2009

Vacation Yard — Bizarre 4-legged Insect has to be from Toronto, right?

I'm on vacation at my sister's in Toronto and I have the pleasure of spending every morning with my coffee on her patio. Today, I suddenly realized that it's not just me with an incredible yard. So, I'm posting a "Yard: a word worth 1000 pictures" from T.O.!

As far as I know, a 4-legged bug is unusual; most have 6 legs. His shape and antennae make me think he's a wood borer. I can't find it in my National Audubon Society Field Guide to Insects & Spiders. Anyone care to weigh in?

Here he is up close...

Here's a photo with my finger and thumb to show scale.

Because of his 4-leg configuration, walking was a little different from most bugs so I captured it here in this short video.

He had an interesting behaviour. Whenever I got close, he'd cock his head and angle his body to look closely. I think he's got great eyesight.

Here he is from above.


Anonymous said...

Not a beetle, no elytra.

Anonymous said...

I'm from philly and I found a brown one crawling up my leg.