Sunday, December 30, 2007

Paper Engineering

Now here's a brilliant idea that marries design and engineering. The Flying Pig Paper Animation Kits company provides downloadable patterns (some are pre-cut, pop-out models that must be shipped) for making animated paper models that you assemble. Even the gear that drives the animation is made of folded paper!

Turn the handle on the "T.Rex" and he bites the caveman at his feet. Crank the "Ewe Boat" and a sheep rows the vessel. Rotate the gear in "Mexican Peck" and chickens feed. For a bushel of fun, purchase, download, print, cut and assemble -- within an evening you'll have delightful animated paper models to play with. The models are very reasonably-priced at about 3 pounds each. There are even a few free ones to test out.

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peter said...

Hi Choleena,
I've been checking out this site over the past few years A friend of mine in Denver makes soe cool "machines" from wood and metal.