Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Tuesday Tooth Report

That was an amazing trip to the Orthodontist.

The whole event took the talents of three people. First they took my wires off to give them complete access to everything. Then they had all kinds of filing going on: drill-bit-style, disc-style, plastic tape with very fine tooth and a thin steel sheet that simply vibrates. Surprisingly, there was no pain. The result was horizontal and vertical edging to make my teeth look like they've never been worn!

Then they repositioned one bracket to raise my bottom-left eye tooth a tiny bit. Once that was glued in place, they put my wires back on but this time put a new, thicker wire around the bottom jaw to really pull on that eye tooth. And lastly, they inserted two new hooks for elastics to go around my molars to refine my bite at the back of my mouth.

That's 4 kinds of filing, 3 people hovering, 2 new hooks and 1 new wire. Wow.

And, bonus, since the wires were off, I got to do a real flossing!

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