Wednesday, May 20, 2009

IEBGreen Challenge: Clothes Dryer Balls

Mark said..."My wife and I use our clothesline constantly in the summer too, but this winter we bought a pair of dryer balls to replace the dozens of sheets we'd normally go through. We ordered them through Nellie's All-Natural. They're inexpensive and last for years, and drying times are reduced as well. Perfect!"

Thanks so much for the suggestion, Mark. And, congratulations on saving the world from so many dryer sheets! At three loads per week x 52 weeks in the year x 50 years (don't worry, I'm not assigning an expiry date to you), that's a savings of 7,800 sheets from just one household!

Keep the suggestions rolling in. Everything you contribute helps others go Green.

To learn more about the Challenge, view my original It's Easy Being Green article. And, to see what things I'm adding to my list regularly, check out the "Green things done to date" in the right-hand column.

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