Thursday, July 16, 2009

Five Islands in Five Habitats

A 4-hour trip to Five Islands, Nova Scotia, Canada.

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First, let me introduce our canine host, Sadie. With her at the head of our pack, she sniffed out some pretty amazing views.

1. Brackish Marshland

Flat land with thick and vibrant grass that can handle very wet soil filled with salt-water.

Samphire greens that are used in many dishes including salad. They're just a juicy burst of salty goodness.

Rotting engine or some sort of mechanical device. Although it provided an interesting subject matter for photography, I was disappointed by how many man-made things were abandoned in every habitat.

This bird (a wren?) takes a moment to rest on driftwood. Driftwood straddles the marsh and coastal areas.

2. Coast

In every habitat there are "edgitats". My word for mini habitats that fall in between 2 diverse habitats. In there are plants and all kinds of life that are best suited to living in the blend of both. Here, marsh and coast meet.

The coast is not clear. Abandoned lobster traps and debris throughout.

Interesting fossil or mineral deposit in beach rock.

Shell of a small crab.

Seagull uses a post at the end of the wharf to take in a bird's eye view of the landscape. Either that or he's waiting for a bite to eat from...

Fishing boats.

Widow Island.

Wild roses grow in the 'edgitat' between the coastal and the grassland habitats.

3. Grassland

The remains of an old fieldstone foundation.

Unfortunately, half of the foundation is filled with garbage and tires.

Incredibly thick grass that's all gone to seed.

Video of grass blowing in the wind. The three strongest sounds that surrounded us were wind, waves and bird song. (4 seconds.)

I kid you not — pink grass.

Thistles. Don't ever try to hold one still in the wind. Yowza!

4. Forest

This edgitat between grassland and forest was absolutely filled with small butterflies — likely Skippers.

Forest with trails.

One of the most interesting tree trunks that I've ever come across. It would be interesting to know what forces were at work to create this shape.

On the forest floor were many pine cones.

Video of a cool spider with white bum (possibly an egg sack). (4 seconds.)

An interesting 4-berried plant that seemed to like growing in the shade of the forest.

Wispy moss.

5. Urban

Grassland, Forest and Urbanity seem to live in harmony in this sunset shot.

Bizarre and interesting man-made contraption.

Mo's: café, internet, used books, art, hostel. A lovely place. Try the wood-fired oven pizza. Yum!

In the next town over, we see a step toward keeping all these habitats "clean". A very promising day's end.

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