Thursday, July 09, 2009

Yard — a word worth a 1000 pictures (#141-145)

Some exciting new blooms in the yard today!

Picture #141: Tomato flowers! I had to take the photo upside-down because tomato flowers point downward. You can see the outline of the house in the background.

Picture #142: Lily.

Picture #143: Lily stamen close-up.

Picture #144: Lily petal veins close-up.

Picture #145: Dried poppy head. Here's the head of poppy well after it's bloomed. It is quite hard, almost woody. And, it's dried to the point where it's 'lid' has flipped up to reveal 'windows' — escape holes for the seeds once the Fall wind arrives. See previous poppy feature...

Picture #48 repeated: Poppy with dropped petals and seed pod fully formed. I'm including this photo here so that you can compare the non-dried head to the dried head (above).

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