Monday, April 19, 2010

Marketing Monday

Hellmann's Gets "Real" about Hen Health

Hellmann's recently announced that their 1/2 the Fat mayonnaise uses 100% free-run eggs. The nutrient content in free-run eggs is the same as non-free-run but the health of the hen is greatly improved. I used to raise chickens and I know how grim their living conditions can be. While Hellmann's hasn't taken the grand leap of using free-range eggs, this step is a move in the right direction and I want to be part of making a hen's life a little more comfortable.

What are Free-Run Eggs? According to Hellmann's... "Free-run eggs are produced by hens that move about the floor of the barn, have access to nesting boxes and, quite often, perches. The nutrient content of these eggs is the same as classic eggs."

Comparatively, free-range hens are usually able to wander around an open space, often outdoors. Hens with no "free" status at all are just that — boxed in a wire cage that barely fits them. They don't move. They just produce eggs. It's a horrible life so please consider buying free-run and free-range eggs to create the demand to encourage producers to change the living conditions of their cash-chicken.

If your interests are hen-healthy, perhaps you're interested in a healthier environment, too. Hellmann's has also created the Hellmann's Real Food Movement web site where they offer tips on finding foods that are grown locally to reduce transportation and make your food Greener, recipes and grants for programs that educate families, schools and communities about 'real' food.

I concluck that Hellmann's is doing a very positive thing for consumers, hens and the environment.

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