Sunday, July 27, 2008

We Need Viewer Opinion on Laundry!

A lot of people are asking me what they can do to make laundry day more environmentally-friendly. Well, I'm going to need your help to answer this question thoroughly. So far, I've changed my habits in two ways. 1. I use cold water instead of hot so that I'm not using power to heat the water. 2. I've seriously reduced the amount of soap that I use. The soap companies recommend a full plastic scoop (which they supply) with every load. Well, I decided to test that theory. I'm down to 3 tablespoons and the laundry still comes out clean. Personal opinion? The laundry companies just want to sell more of their soap. They're more interested in the bottom line than the environment.

Viewer challenge: please let us know your suggestions or what you've been doing to reduce your impact on the environment when it comes to laundry. Thanks!

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