Friday, July 18, 2008

Man's personal goal to help women do better in a male-dominated business world thwarted by a common male trait

This interesting entrepreneur whose book I recently reviewed has a web site to take his goals of helping women in the business world to the next level. contains free and inexpensive podcasts, an electronic newsletter and a blog that are geared to helping women in workplaces that are dominated by men.

While Chris Flett has obvious insight into the old boys network and he's genuinely interested in helping women, it's sometimes difficult to take him seriously. The number of grammatical and spelling errors on his site, his Blog, and in his book are at risk of undermining him. He may have insight on what women could do to work better with men but he needs to learn a little more about what men could do to work better with women. One of those things is caring about details. If Flett wants us to love his book (and buy/recommend it), he should hire an editor who knows how to write for his audience.

In a world where, as he agrees, women are often the ones in the office who complete the work for the male-dominated C-level Executive world, they should be as interested in knowing how to work well with us as we are about working well with them.

Happy Accident: Book Review — What Men Don't Tell Women About Business

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