Friday, July 04, 2008

IEBGreen Challenge: Compost workplace garbage

anonymous said... "Every day I bring home compostable food from work, such as banana peels, napkins, etc., and put it in my compost at home."

This is wonderful! Most offices don't separate their garbage into Green (wet/compostable) and Blue (dry/recyclable) garbage — it all goes to the landfill together. So, this is an excellent way to reduce your office's contribution to the landfill site. If you're composting like anonymous is doing, then you're adding a rich nutrient to your garden at the same time. Gardens mean extra carbon-dioxide-breathing plants around your house which reduce CO2 and add Oxygen to your lot; not to mention beautiful flowers and tasty veggies for your family! This also means that you're reducing your dependance on food that had to travel to get to your doorstep.

Wow! By bringing Green garbage home to compost, you're significantly reducing your carbon footprint!

Thanks for your idea, anonymous!

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