Monday, February 22, 2010

Marketing Monday

Small Shop, Big Idea
Originally posted on January 26th as "Give-aways that I will never qualify for...", Pretty Pots Flowers & Gifts' advertisement deserves to be in this column. Read the sign below.

Honestly, in a small town, who doesn't know a Carol or a Cindy? This ad makes the complete town its audience. How many ads can you say you've seen that have found a way to address all age groups and all audiences in an entire town?

Plus, it was done at no real cost! They're using their already-installed marquee sign (clearly visible on Main Street) so the only investment is the cost of the roses. This is significantly cheaper than a media buy.

Small-town thinking made this a brilliant advertisement that, in my humble opinion, a big-city ad agency could not have come up with. Kudos, Pretty Pots Flowers & Gifts!

Marketing Monday is a column devoted to innovation in the world of commerce. It celebrates companies, products, packaging and campaigns that swim against the current or find creative ways to stand out. Got a suggestion for the column? Send me a comment.

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