Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Blogger makes me mad and so very sad

Did you know that Blogger stores all your posted images in Picasa? This was not clear to me either.

You'll notice that most of the pictures in my Blog (2 years worth) are gone. I've managed to re-upload a couple of the pictures for posts on the front page but I've got a HUGE task ahead of me. I've got to try to find the photos for my 400+ posts and re-upload them.

What happened, you might ask?...

When I recently tried BlogPressLite on my iPhone, it asked me to make a Picasa account. I did. A day or two later, I deleted BlogPressLite because I didn't like it. I decided to delete my Picasa account as well (why would I need it if I wasn't using BlogPressLite anymore?). Bad choice. I didn't realize that this Picasa account was already active -- I thought it had only been just created. Blogger never made that clear to me. Blogger uploads your images blindly (in fact, even the URL to your images have no indication that they are coming from Picasa).

So, I accidentally deleted all my images from all my posts. And now I have to try to find them all in my archives and re-upload them. (Or find another blogging platform.)

Grrrrr..... Such a waste of time.


Sarahlah said...

Thank you for posting about Picasa. I had always assumed it was an option. The images on my blog are original with me and while I have them stored elsewhere, who needs more to do?

Pranav Bhasin said...

Too bad - You should post your photos on a blog-friendly site like and link them up. Infact, lifeblob also has a widget in case you want to embed your complete photostream in your blog.