Monday, March 08, 2010

Marketing Monday

ROM is the Bomb
I've always been in love with the Royal Ontario Museum, their identity included. Today's column covers their exciting logo which incorporates an icon (the visual or graphic component) and a wordmark (the text or company name component).

• the ROM acronym is in solid, authoritative letter shapes but with a very slight serif to indicate refinement
• they've used full-intensity blue, gold and red; indicative of a regal colour palette
• funky shapes jut out from behind the letters to mimic the building's exciting architecture and comment on its modernity
• and it uses a wordmark component to spell out their full name so there's no mistaking what and who they are

So simple. So good.

Marketing Monday is a column devoted to innovation in the world of commerce. It celebrates companies, products, packaging and campaigns that swim against the current or find creative ways to stand out. Got a suggestion for the column? Send me a comment.

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