Tuesday, May 11, 2010

International Award-Winner!

Modern-day Alchemy — turning Green to Gold!

I'm pleased to announce that some environmentally-friendly signage I produced has won two international awards. I succeeded in coming up with the biggest (and cheapest!) promotional sign that the Cape Jourimain National Wildlife Centre has ever had. Using natural elements only, I advertised the web address of the area with seaweed that had washed up on shore. The bird, eel and shell let the audience know that the area is known for its nature. The “sign” was 96 feet long and could be seen by the famous Confederation Bridge to PEI (taking advantage of their traffic) and Google satellites. The URL lets the world know where to go for information on this striking locale.

The two awards received:
Summit International Awards
Category: Integrated/Mixed Media Advertising Campaigns
Guerrilla Marketing Campaign
Client: Cape Jourimain Nature Centre
Project: 96-foot long URL on beach

Summit International Awards
Category: Advertising; Outdoor
Client: Cape Jourimain Nature Centre
Project: 96-foot long URL on beach

It's the Silver award that I'm most proud of. It's an award that the SIA just launched. The category is "Guerrilla Marketing Campaign" and the kind of work that falls into it includes some of the least expensive approaches to advertising. I figure I had a lot of competition!

The Summit International Awards has established itself as one of the premier arbiters of creative excellence in the world of marketing. The international panel of judges includes high-ranking professionals from Ogilvy B2, Saatchi&Saatchi, and Stellar Debris. They receive thousands of submissions annually from over 24 countries.

Summit International Awards
Cape Jourimain Nature Centre (CJNC)
Tantramar Interactive Inc.
My CJNC Eco-Arts Visiting Artist profile page

Thanks to all of you —clients, friends, and family— for your continued support. It paid off!



mchen said...

Wow, Choleena — you should be so proud! Congrats on the prizes, and on having come up with such terrific ideas. High fives from Ottawa :)

Filis said...

Congratulations, Choleena, what a wonderful concept. You should be so proud!