Saturday, June 13, 2009

Yard — a word worth a 1000 pictures (#28-31)

At about 11 A.M. the clouds started to clear and I could tell that it would be sunny the rest of the day. So, I started planning what I'd get done around the yard.

Now that I have my compost pile set up, I decided to finally empty four bags of leaves that have been in my back yard for about a month. I figured there'd be an earthworm or two under them but nothing could prepare me for what else I found...

Picture #28: Earthworm

Picture #29: Earthworm with whip-tail (15-second video). The way the "tail" was moving to push the worm across the pavement was interesting so I thought I'd try to capture it in video but I'm afraid the most interesting part is the audio. Listen to the clinking of my dog's tags and her chomping of the grass next to me! It sounds like bad sound effects in a Giant Worm B-movie.

Picture #30: Soil Centipede (This one had 132 feet, not 100 as the name suggests. ;-)

Picture #31: Hornet nest with larvae. Yes, the beginnings of a hornet nest inside the bag of rotting leaves!

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Rosie Unknown said...

You counted the legs? Wow, if you should paint one now!