Sunday, June 21, 2009

Yard — a word worth a 1000 pictures (#84)

Overcast days are the best! Not only will I not get sunburned but I'm likely to find interesting insects on days like this. I've noticed that moths and nocturnal insects are more likely to be seen. Probably because they don't bother finding shade since shade is everywhere on days like this! I also find that daylight insects are more at rest on dark days. They tend to land and stay in one place for a while. Just like this...

Picture #84: Gorgeous silver/copper metallic Dragonfly. Its tail spots match the brick perfectly! I've always been fascinated by these creatures. When I was a child I remember working near dusk in the garden one day. Mosquitos clouded the air and I could feel one land on my bare shoulder. Just as I raised my hand to smack it, a Dragonfly swooped in and grabbed it. Perched on my shoulder like it was the dinner table, the Dragonfly gobbled away. I watched with open-jawed incredulity. I've always thought they were beautiful. From then on I felt nothing but pure love for them. Corny, eh? I should have been an entomologist.

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