Sunday, June 07, 2009

Yard — a word worth a 1000 pictures (#8-17)

I'm calling this episode "Family Robins". I hope this pair of Robins don't consider themselves marooned on my lot but they've definitely chose an unlikely place to roost. Now to find out what's in that nest...

Picture #9: Approaching the garage.

Picture #10: Knock-knock. Anybody home?

Picture #11: She looks like she's ready to jet.

Picture #12: Camera went off accidentally as I duck to miss her beeline escape.

Picture #13: Mrs. Robin has made it to the power wire to call hubby.

Picture #14: Hubby arrives in an instant. He cleverly keeps 4 feet from me in an attempt to distract me from the nest.

As I take a step toward him, he moves another 4 feet to keep me coming in his direction. But I'm on a mission so back to the nest I go.

Picture #15: Not quite high enough. On tippy-toes and arm outstretched as high as it will go...

Picture #16: Two pink babies plus one blue egg! They're definitely "in a family way". (I purposely turned the flash off so that I wouldn't bother the chicks if there were any.)

Picture #17: Nothing but blue skies for these proud parents. This little island welcomes them open-hearted.

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