Saturday, June 06, 2009

Yard — a word worth a 1000 pictures (#2-7)

Today's installment focuses on the theme "home". This tiny yard provides a variety of habitats for so many things; some obvious, some surprising.

Picture #2: The garage blocks the setting sun and causes a horseshoe-shaped patch of light every evening in the back yard. The reduced light welcomes only hardy, shade-loving plants and insects.

Picture #3: ...shade-loving insects like this mosquito whose double reflection is a direct comment on their local population. Here he's seen knocking at my door, waiting to be invited in for dinner on me.

Picture #4: Spidey is willing to answer the door (or dinner) bell any time.

Picture #5: Inside the garage is a Robin's nest.

Picture #6: Making a mad dash to the crab apple tree, Robin Parent #1 tries to lure me away from the garage.

Picture #7: Robin Parent #2 also attempts to draw me in another direction. So I take the hint and head in the direction of home, camera in hand, with plans to find a ladder tomorrow to see what's in that nest...

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