Saturday, June 20, 2009

Yard — a word worth a 1000 pictures (#75-83)

At dusk I saw something flying outside the window near my hanging flower pot. I thought it strange that a hummingbird would be out that late but it moved similarly and was just as interested in the long-fluted flowers. Here's what I found...

Picture #75: A huge moth! If you've got an idea of what kind of moth it is, please leave a comment to this post. Thanks!

Picture #76: Moth from the side with wings moving like a hummingbird's.

Picture #77: Moth from the side. These are a sequence of shots so they're quite similar but it shows how it moves around the flower. I find it fascinating.

Picture #78: Moth's tongue right in the flower.

Picture #79: Moth slowly moving so that his/her back is facing the camera.

Picture #80: Moth, 3/4 view.

Picture #81: Moth, full back view.

Picture #82: Moth hovering with tongue clearly extended.

Picture #83: Close-up of Moth and tongue.


Anonymous said...

Phantastic Photography! This is definately the Hummingbird Moth. There are many varieties in colors of these beauties. There are many with clear wings and others such as the one you have photograped with different colors of stripes - from pink, to white to red! Keep up the great work!

Choleena DiTullio said...

Thanks, Anonymous!